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How much does it cost to be a United Elite Allstar Cheerleader?

We are proud to offer the best value allstar cheer program in our area while maintaining the highest quality standards in coaching and service. We keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to our families. The cost of the 2017-18 Allstar and Allstar Non-travel Cheer season is explained in the information packet found on our home page.

How often do teams practice?

We realize that kids these days are very busy and involved in many activities. Our full time allstar teams practice twice per week and athletes also attend skills classes of their choice. During the summer months, each of our athletes is given 2 "free passes" to miss team practice, in addition to our standard Gym vacations. During the school year, athletes are excused for graded school activities, and practices are scheduled in the evenings to allow for participation in school sports or clubs. 

Do your teams travel a lot?

Most of our competitions are within driving distance. Allstar Non-travel teams will stay in Southern California, while travel teams will travel to prestigious competitions in other states.

In the case a particular team wins a bid (invitation) to attend an additional championship competition out of state, we will have a parent meeting to assess the interest level and decide as a group whether or not to attend.

My child cheers for her school, can she be on allstars too?

Yes! We have many athletes in our program who cheer for their school as well. Our school cheer families provide us with their school cheer schedule at the beginning of each season, and we do our best to work around it. Typically our athletes who participate in school cheer have minimal scheduling conflicts between the 2 teams.

My child has never cheered before, where do I start?

Typically our allstar teams are comprised of more than 50% new cheerleaders each season, and our Allstar Non-travel (formerly Prep) teams are comprised of almost all new cheerleaders. Our expert coaches are certified and specifically trained to teach new athletes what they need to know to be a competitive cheerleader. You and your child will be amazed at the new skills that will be mastered in only a few short months! Allstar cheer divisions are broken up into 5 skill levels, from beginning to advanced. This allows for a natural progression and also encourages our athletes to work hard to reach the next level. Our coaches keep individual progress reports for each of our athletes throughout the year and even have a "Coaches Conference" with each athlete in the spring to review their progress and what skills need to be worked on to advance levels for the upcoming season. This constant communication between coaches and athletes tends to be extremely beneficial to our newer cheerleaders. We are committed to the success of each child as an individual, as well as the team as a whole.

We offer a free trial class to anyone who would like to come and check us out. Please refer to our Classes page for the current schedule!

How do you encourage success at school in addition to the allstar team?

Our coaches are very involved with our cheerleaders success at school and keep in close contact with parents of any cheerleader who is failing to keep their committment to their school work. Although uncommon, strategies such as grade checks, and benching a cheerleader from tumblng classes has proven to be effective.

I dont think we're ready for full time allstars, is there another option?

Yes! There is a brand new allstar division called Allstar Prep. Our Non-travel Allstar teams will compete in this division. These teams practice and compete less and have lower financial and time commitments. Allstar Prep teams are coached by the same professional coaches as our full time teams, and receive the same level of instruction and training.

I have more questions, where can I get the answers?

Please feel free to email us at unitedeliteallstars@yahoo.com, call the gym directly at (909)946-9313, or stop by! One of our friendly staff members will be happy to answer your questions!