NEW FOR 2017/18:


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Allstar PREP Cheer is a recently created division in the Allstar Cheer world. It has been provided in order to provide an introductory cheer opportunity for those who are not ready for a full allstar committment, and those who participate in other activities, such as sideline cheer.

At United Elite we are introducing a brand new FULL YEAR Allstar Prep program! We are proud to be the only allstar gym in our area to be providing this option! Our Allstar PREP full year teams practice twice per week with their teams which will include some tumbling training, and receive 50% off any additional skills training class of their choosing. These teams will attend 4-5 prestigious competitions during the months of December through April. All ages in Allstar PREP cheerleaders wear a full length uniform top!

Team members will attend optional Team Skills practices during the summer months- this will be a great time for all team members to learn new skills and perfect current skills before choreography starts in September. We believe that family time is important, especially during the summer months, so these team skills practices will be tailored to the progression of each individual cheerleader. There will be no penalty for missing summer practices! Once choreography starts in September, the excitement really amps up! That is when the team will be learning their competition routine, and all team members will need to attend each and every team practice.

Allstar Non-travel teams are the perfect introduction to competition cheerleading!


 Full Year Allstar Non-travel teams:

 Season: May 2017 - April 2018    

2 practices per week, includes tumbling instruction!

4-5 competitions

Price: $120 per month

Team expenses: $75 per month June - April. Includes competition fees, music, USASF membership, insurance, makeup, practice wear, and choreography! 

Allstar Non-travel members receive a 50% discount on any additional tumbling or flight classes!

Space is extremely limited! Registration will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. Once teams are filled, we will start a waiting list.

PLEASE NOTE: Allstar Non-travel Team Members will wear our FULL LENGTH Allstar uniform!

Fundraising available!